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Rest in God’s loving arms, Princess.

Everyone, please drive responsibly at all times- for your sake, and also every dream and potential out on that road. Do not take anyone’s life away by driving irresponsibly.


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"I Knew You Were Trouble" originally by Taylor Swift


Rest in Paradise, Shaylyn.

The recent tragic death of a twelve-year-old girl took our town by surprise and definitely brought back a sense of community.  I was inspired to make this cover in homage of her major contribution.  There will be a BBQ fund raiser for her funeral expenses on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, AT Nanay’s Restaurant in Delano, CA. My band and I will be there to entertain and help out with the fund raiser! Come jam with us. (:

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Beyonce- “Irreplaceable” (Spanish Version-“Irremplazable”) Cover by Crismat

Maroon 5- “Payphone” [Crismat | Acoustic Cover]

This is my first time actually trying to learn the guitar. Spread the word & reblog. (:

An easy and affordable PROM / Red Carpet look for the fellas.
What I’m wearing:
Dress Shirt: Foreign Exchange Clothing ($25)Pants: H&M ($25)Tie: Calvin Klein ($15 at ROSS)Shoes: Fred PerrySunglasses: Emporio ArmaniSuit: Giorgio Armani 

An easy and affordable PROM / Red Carpet look for the fellas.

What I’m wearing:

Dress Shirt: Foreign Exchange Clothing ($25)
Pants: H&M ($25)
Tie: Calvin Klein ($15 at ROSS)
Shoes: Fred Perry
Sunglasses: Emporio Armani
Suit: Giorgio Armani 


I don’t get it

When people asked AJ Rafael to promote their videos to other people so they can be noticed, he implied that he got to where he is on YouTube through hard work and not spamming more popular YouTubers with links. I remember this happening watching him and other musicians on BlogTV. He got so mad when small YouTubers would post a video link on the chat box and asko others to view them. (BTW, I found a lot of good musicians that night on BlogTV. LOL, and I still watch their covers to this day!)

Now that he wrote a song to Emma Watson, he’s asking other people to tweet and spam Emma Watson’s twitter with a link to his video. I don’t think that him doing that is wrong, I just think that he was wrong when he told other people not to do it because I think it’s part of “working hard” into making your music noticed.



Today, March 26th, marks one month since Trayvon Martin was shot and killed.

Still, his killer walks free.  

I want everyone to look at his picture.  Burn it into your memory.  This was a child.  He was only 17 - and barely so.  His birthday had passed a scant two and a half weeks before his death.  He was a baby.

And he is dead.

All because of some racist asshole with a god complex.  A racist asshole who thought the murder of an innocent, unarmed Black child would “blow over”.

We cannot let that happen.  Trayvon, his family, his friends, and the entire Black community deserve justice.  They deserve to have their lives, their pain, the struggle recognized and validated.  They deserve to be treated as people, and not as expendable commodities to be used and discarded.

But fellow white folks, in order for that to happen, we need to wake the fuck up.  We need to recognize the ways in which every single one of us contributes to whiteness, the ways in which we contributed to Trayvon Martin’s death.  We need to shut our mouths, and listen when people of color talk about their experiences and lives.  We need to stop denying and own up to our racism - not just the racism in the past, but the racism we are complicit in in the present.  We need to stop making it about us and our precious fee-fees and more about that precious child and the others like him that have suffered and died at our hands and at the hands of our racism.

And if we don’t?  We may as well have looked Trayvon in the eyes and pulled the trigger ourselves.

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double AWESOME! love it. -mp



double AWESOME! love it. -mp



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Whitney Houston is, no doubt, one of the best artists to ever live. I grew up listening to her songs, and as a Filipino, singing them on the karaoke! LOL. I have always loved singing her songs and pushing myself into getting better and better so that I can one day be half as good a performer as she was. I love you, Whitney, I always will. Enjoy your time in God’s hands. Thank you for the inspiration. <3

I Will Always Love You (a Whitney Houston Tribute) by Crismat & Jessmer

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